Welcome to Lincolnshire Fields Country Club....

Club Policies & Guest Policies:

Please take care to observe the following club policies to make your visit with us more enjoyable. Accompanied Guests are welcomed at Lincolnshire Fields. 

Cell Phone Use:  Cell phones should be set on vibrate mode so as not to ring while on Club property. This consists of all areas of the Clubhouse, outside patios, the golf course, or driving range. If a call is received, the recipient should remove himself or herself from the dining areas and accept the call in a private area.  If a call is received on the golf course, golfers are asked to dispense with the call quickly to avoid holding up play.

Dress Code:  A friendly reminder regarding the clubhouse dress code…….We appreciate your cooperation as we hope for a welcoming environment for all our members and guests. 
The Clubhouse Dress Code Policy allows tasteful casual attire and golf attire in the 19th Hole.  Denim is allowed in the 19th Hole anytime and only allowed Monday-Thursday in the Dining Room & Garden Room.  In order to create a distinction between the formal attire in the dining room and casual attire in the 19th Hole, the Board of Directors has established that tasteful casual attire is welcome in the 19th Hole….
Tasteful Casual Attire in the 19th Hole:
  • Blue Jeans, denim of any color and other denim apparel are welcome, however all denim must be what is considered “dressy-casual”.
  • NO tattered or torn apparel allowed.
  • Tasteful casual attire includes golf attire.
  • Tasteful casual attire includes traditional tennis attire, not to include gym shorts or t-shirts.
  • For all outside events, not including the immediate pool area, everyone entering the event area or clubhouse must wear shoes and either a shirt or cover-up.
  • Hats and visors inside the clubhouse are permitted, but discouraged within the 19th Hole.  Hats and visors should be removed in the Dining Room and Garden Room areas. 
It is the responsibility of the member to adhere at all times to the clubhouse dress code.  It is also the responsibility of the member for the attire of their guest(s) and dependent(s).